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bytown internet is a small professional web development company which uses only the latest in technological web standards. With a diverse client base located in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Eastern Ontario and beyond, bytown internet has been in business for over 8 years now. We focus exclusively on the internet and web based technologies, offering a variety of services and products to allow you to maximize your on-line presence and take full advantage of what the internet can bring to your business.

We know the web!


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We research your company and your direct competition to give you the ultimate advantage over your competitors and make your online presence easily manageable by your website's visitors. We understand that a one-size-fits all solution is neither appropriate nor productive; we spend the time to understand your business, to ensure that your web site truly reflects the value and service your business provides.

We also understand the importance of customer service and client follow-up; we spend the time to ensure you are satisfied and happy with your final results. We have an excellant rapport with all of our clients; we're proud that many have been with us since the very beginning. We don't just drop your web site in your lap, we're there through-out the entire process - we see ourselves as partners in your on-line business, when you shine, so do we!


"Our website re-design completely exceeded our expectations, and has helped make All Seasons Weddings the largest wedding service provider in Ontario. The website is constantly in the Top Five Google results, and currently drives over 70% of our customers to us. Our relationship with bytown internet continues to be professional and responsive; they are a pleasure to work with." - Dr. Casey McKibbon / All Seasons Weddings

We are a true, web development company with the right tools for any job. We understand that developing a website can be fairly intimidating for those who have no knowledge of the internet and the power it can provide a company. Think of that brochure you just printed to advertise your company products or services. Now think of having to re-print that brochure or making a change to reflect new products, services, or new prices. Having a website immediately eliminates that extra expense in turn saving hundreds - if not thousands of dollars per year.

A website is more than just an electronic brochure however; it has the added benefit of allowing you to interact with your clients - it can and is a means to engage and entice. We've been developing interactive and productive websites since the early days of the internet, and we know and understand the dynamic of this new and exciting medium. Developing an effective website involves more than just the right words and a few pretty pictures; effective websites require a comprehensive strategy that combines technology with marketing and a deep understanding of your client's needs.


As an independant small business, we appreciate and understand the value of your hard-earned dollar - we face the very same daily concerns that you do. [Logo - Perth and District Chamber of Commerce
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We can and have worked with any size budget to maximize your return-on-investment, and our Customer Satisfaction commitment is to give you the best website your dollar can afford. From multi-million dollar businesses to small boutique artisans, each client receives the same care and commitment to value.

We are a business who cater to businesses (B2B) and provide excellent support and helpful advice to better your business and sales conversions. We encourage you to shop around for the best value; we know once you do, you will see bytown internet as a leader in service, support, and overall product value vs. price.

Contact us today to further discuss your needs. We will gladly provide a free web design quote and we promise you won't be let down!